Individual Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance

(Protecting Your Most Important Asset)

For many people, the ability to earn an income is their most valuable asset. Losing that ability would have a devastating effect on them and their families. For many families it would be impossible to continue the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

A death or disability in a family could seriously hinder the financial future of a spouse and children, if precautions were not put in place. Creating a safety net for emergencies and tragedies can make a world of difference for a family facing the unexpected.

Protect Your Business

For the small business owner, when you’re disabled and your income is drastically reduced or stopped, you still have to face your continuing overhead expenses—rent, bills, salaries, and more. In order for your practice or business to stay open, you must continue to pay for these ongoing expenses. Should a key employee become disabled, you may experience a loss in profits or have an additional cost associated with finding a replacement.  If a total disability gradually forces one of the owners to stop working a disability buy-out agreement could reimburse the buyers of a business for the cost of purchasing the disabled Insured’s interest in the business.

Types of Individual Disability Insurance
  1. Disability Insurance
    Disability Income insurance replaces a portion of earned income lost due to a total or partial disability.
  2. Interim Term Disability Insurance
    Interim Term Disability Insurance provides temporary coverage until an employee qualifies for employer-sponsored disability coverage.
  3. Disability Overhead Expense
    Disability Overhead Expense reimburses a business owner for covered overhead expenses of his or her business that continue during a period of partial or total disability.
  4. Key-Person Protection
    Key-Person Disability coverage provides a benefit to the business in the event the key employee is disabled.
  5. Disability Buy-Out Coverage
    Disability Buy-Out Coverage helps fund a disability buy-out agreement with installment or lump-sum payments.

Are your most important assets protected?

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